Saturday, September 26, 2015

Birthline Loves Triplets!

The triplets 1st Birthday Party!

The day Myesha came home from the hospital with her triplets!

Myesha and her precious triplets came to Birthline for some tender loving care from another social service organization. Myesha was a victim of domestic violence and needed help accessing the shelter housing system. She was in her first trimester of pregnancy and recently found out she was pregnant with triplets. She already had a 6 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. There was no family support as they all lived on the East Coast. She spent the last 5 weeks of her pregnancy at Sharp Hospital and delivered three healthy babies, one girl and two boys. Jeanne, in the photo with Myesha (a Birthline volunteer & retired nurse) was able to get her into a shelter and then into transitional housing. Through close case management she was able to get county assistance, child care, and assessment for her 6 year child's educational needs. Working with other non profit organizations we were able to provide her a vehicle and she is now working full time. Myesha is a Navy Veteran and we are working on her benefits at this time. She is a dedicated single mother of five children who is working very hard to bring health and happiness to her children. She is very appreciative of Birthline's support and generosity.

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