Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Birthline Donations

Birthline of San Diego depends on donations of clothes, toys and more for the needy families we serve. Each month our clients chooses a toy, a book 3-4 items of clothing for each child under the age of 5. 

Donate your gently used toys or clothes that your children or grandchildren have outgrown. We have families that will put them to good use. 

Thanks to everyone who makes life easier for families living in poverty.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blessings of an Unplanned Pregnancy

Over six years ago on a Tuesday a 19 year old girl from NY was brought into Birthline of San Diego by a teacher from the school she had been attending, a post-high school design school. In the second semester of school, she and an old boyfriend connected up and she became pregnant. The boyfriend split, her parents cut all ties with her as did the rest of her family. One of her teachers found her sobbing on the curb outside of school. She asked him to take her to an abortion clinic and instead he brought her to Birthline. One of our Birthline volunteers, spent the next two years helping her get and stay on her feet. She found her a bed at Cortez Hill after many phone calls, wait lists and interviews. She had no car so we assisted her with transportation (going above and beyond the call of a volunteer) to get her to Birthline and other resources in the community. Friends of Birthline in LA donated necessary baby items as well as maternity clothes. With the help of Cortez Hill, we found her a doctor at Sharp Mary Birch hospital and got her signed up with WIC (Women, Infants and Children).  She gave birth to a healthy baby boy and she was so thrilled to be a new mother. She could not believe she ever considered having an abortion. Her baby boy was such a beautiful blessing. Our client did some job training programs and started looking for a minimum wage job for starters. Birthline continued to help her with diapers and other baby supplies. She began to share photos of her baby boy with her family and when he was 9 months old her family had a change of heart and sent her a ticket home. She was thrilled. We helped her ship her baby items back home and put mom and baby on a flight to NY.

That was 6 years ago and the mom recently reconnected with us on facebook. She is now married and they have a baby girl and run a family business. They spend lots of time with grandparents and we could not be happier for her and her baby who almost wasn't.

This is what Birthline is all about. We are here in a time of crisis to stay with a client until they get back on their feet and can create a good life for their babies.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Walk for Life 2015

Help us reach our fundraising goal: Donate $100.00 to receive a free T-shirt!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Charity is an act of love

Here are three of the beautiful children of this mother of five who came to Birthline hoping we could make her life a little easier. Through an anonymous donation (this stroller was left at our front door last week!) we are able to provide her with a double stroller for her 3 month old baby girl and her one year old son. On this visit she was able to walk over to CCSA and obtain food and enroll three of her children in the CCSA backpack program. Thank you to all who donate to Birthline of San Diego in any way. Your charitable gift it put to good use. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Giving Back - The Next Generation

Did you know Birthline is 100% volunteer run? Noone gets paid, not even our director. We are all rewarded with the joys of giving. Amelie, a granddaughter of one of our volunteers, is spending part of her summer sorting toys for our clients & helping to organize our office. It is never too soon to teach the next generation to feel the heart warming gift of giving back.

Monday, August 3, 2015

2015 Birthline Walk for Life OCTOBER 4, Sunday!

We are getting organized for our annual Walk for Life. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Save the date and join us to help young families living in poverty who give life to their babies.