Wednesday, April 16, 2014


One day at Birthline, a mom came in with her 3 children.  She needed some material support to get through the month.  She shared with our volunteer, Camille, that her oldest son was turning 8 and she had no money to buy him a gift. We looked around the office but we had no age appropriate toys. 

Camille was inspired by the Holy Spirit to involve her grandsons aged 11, 8, 6 & 2.  They clean out their toys for Lent at their home in LA.  Camille told the boys what was needed. They all worked together (nothing short of a miracle for brothers!) and created a great Hot Wheels game for the child's birthday including writing out the instructions on how to play the game!  They gave extra cars that Camille put in a great toy car case found at a consignment shop. 

This needy mom is coming in after Easter to pick up this generous birthday gift for her son.  No doubt he will be thrilled!

What a joy to see brothers working together to provide a great gift for one of our Birthline clients. The boys are awaiting word on how the birthday present is received and if the little 8 year old  needs more help with the instructions!

When this grateful family we are helping, gets back on their feet, they will continue the circle of giving & kindness and do the same for someone else.  We, at Birthline are blessed with so many opportunities to give and what a double blessing to teach the joy of giving to our children and grandchildren. 

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Friday, April 4, 2014

MARCH 2014

We now have available some of our 2013 statistics (Clairemont Office only).  The numbers show that we had almost DOUBLE the number of visits from 2012.  We had 2936, almost 3,000 client visits in 2013.  We gave out emergency food to 2216 clients! Provided over 52,000 diapers or 3,293 bags of diapers and 211 layettes!

At our March Staff meeting, we had a representative from the FIRST FIVE STEPS HOME VISITING PROGRAM come to talk about the work they do that our clients can benefit from.  It is great to know our clients have another resource in the community to help them raise their precious little children.


Angela Elfman along with some of our other volunteers has been going above and beyond to get our office files organized and to spend extra time at Birthline with Jeanne Hansen learning the valuable skill of case management for our clients, many of whom have ongoing issues with housing, drug addiction, school, work and more.  Following up with these clients helps them to stay focused on their goals.


Last month a young man came into Birthline with his caseworker and an 8 week old baby.  The young man was on crutches.  He had been working in LA and after work went to get a bite to eat. On his way into the food store he was shot in the leg eight times by a stranger for no apparent reason.  The gun shot wounds require several surgeries in his leg that will take a year and as a result he lost his job.  His girlfriend is suffering from mental health issues and is institutionalized. This young man is homeless and unemployed looking after a newborn baby.  The homeless shelters that accommodate newborns in San Diego do not take in men.  This young man was up against a wall.  We were able to refer him to other resources in San Diego where he can get help & we provided him with food, diapers and clothing for his son.  We also fitted him with a baby carrier since he cannot carry the baby while using crutches.  This young many was up against what seemed like insurmountable obstacles, but with the assistance of Birthline and the other organizations that provide charity for the homeless and young families in need, he will get through this most challenging time in his life.